The Hudson Throw


On the December 30th, with one more week of winter break, I had 114 rows left to go on my Hudson Throw, which had been on the needles since January of 2012!  Could I finish this before I returned to work on January 6?  I usually don’t go public with my resolutions, but thought I might be able to motivate myself by posting this on Facebook.

In order to accomplish this, I went into data analysis mode, calculating the length of time to complete a row (8 minutes), total time required (15.2 hours), and dividing up the knitting time by the number of days remaining in my break (2.1 hours per day).  Then I got to work.  In the wee hours of Sunday, January 5, I completed it.

Strangely, though, I feel sad that it is done.  I first set my eyes on the Sonoma Mountain Wrap at “The Knit Shop” in Aurora, Ohio.  The owner, Edie,  had made hers in another colorway and it sat folded on the checkout counter.  What I loved about it was the drape of the thing.  It lay flat and smooth as linen stitch will do.  Plus, made of Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca, it felt soft and very warm.  I really wanted to make it and helped at a yarn sale to earn the money to buy the yarn.

Made entirely in linen stitch, this was the perfect TV knit.  I watched seasons 1 through 3 of “Downton Abbey” while working this.  I also took in the 2012 and 2013 Tours de France. and innumerable movies with the Greg.  At first, I made a few mistakes and had to rip out, but soon got the rhythm and was able to knit almost without looking (but not quite).

Last night, I watched episode 1 of Downton Abbey’s season 4.  But, I had nothing to knit. What will I do now?


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