A New Year’s Challenge

Hudson throw (Sonoma Wrap by Carol Lapin)

The Hudson throw has been on the needles for a full 2 years now as the perfect TV watching project. Linen stitch is easy to execute without full attention. I consult the stripe pattern as written by Carol Lapin in the Sonoma Mountain Wrap periodically. The yarn, Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca is one of my favorites.  Now that I am within sight of the finish, I want to finish and be done with it! I work on nothing else until then.

I put the challenge to myself on Facebook, asking for bets as to whether or not I would finish it by January 6, when I return to work. So far, lots of comments but no wagers. My friends must not have that much faith in my perseverance even though they are gamely stating that I will finish.

So, here are yesterday’s stats.

Date                Rows completed            Rows to go    Estimated time to completion
12/30/13                          18                                    96               768 min/about 12.6 hours


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