London Sightseeing

While in London, we saw all the sights.  Our son-in-law took us to Condor Bikes (, a custom bike shop in existence since 1948.  The guys and I did try hard not to drool over the beautiful bikes and awesome accessories.  The Tour was on the TV as well.  All in all, a great sightseeing destination!

You might wonder why I am writing about this on a knitting blog.  Well, I discovered some absolutely fantastic biking apparel by a company called Velobici (  They offer seamless, knit, 100% merino biking wear.  


vb ella - Paris Arm Warmers - Pushing the pedals to city style So, here are some cabled arm-warmers.  I could make those!





Velobici - Firenze pullover (Indigo) - pushing the pedals to city styleAnd, this seamless, raglan pullover – I could make that!

But, what is exciting to me is that in the world of athletic super fabrics, there are still some natural fibers making their wonderful presence known.