Aran pullover

Aran pullover

I designed this pullover for TKGA Master Hand Knitter Level III. However, the learnings in this project make me think that it is not my best.  For example, the neckline was not as intended.  I made it up when I got there.

I am very happy with the saddle shoulder join.  I read about this technique in Michael Pearson’s book “Traditional Knitting”, p. 23.

The shoulder strap (on the metal circular needle) being attached to live shoulder stitches (on the wooden dpn’s).

When the shoulder shaping was done, I placed the live stitches on holders to await the saddle strap.  Knitting the sleeves from the cuff up, I shaped the cap until the last 12 stitches remain for the saddle strap.  Then,  I placed the front and back shoulder stitches on dpn’s and countinued working the strap, knitting the first and last stitches of the strap together with the next stitches on the dpn’s on each row.   Reaching the neckline, I bound off.