How many knitters have sworn to destash as a New Year’s resolution?  Probably as many as there are stars in the sky.  I joined that constellation this year, by casting on for the Cabled Yoke Pullover with an unidentified stash yarn that had once been a sweater for my husband.  As with so many of the items knit for him, it was never worn, so I had unravelled it and stored it in the bottom on the wall unit in a plastic bag.

I do feel so virtuous.  Not only do I have a beautiful new sweater for my wardrobe, but I actually did reduce the size of my stash.  And, strangely enough, I identified the yarn by chance.  Last Saturday, I went to a knit-in.  Many of us were preparing for Anne Hanson’s Shawl Project class at Lake Farm Park.  One knitter was winding a fingering weight yarn.  I noticed it was awfully close in color to the yarn with which I was making this sweater.  In fact, they were the exact same heathered color.  That was when she told me that the yarn was Reynold’s Candide.  The name clicked but I still have no idea how old the yarn is.  It could be as much as 15 years old.  Kind of sad to realize that I have at least 15 years in my rearview knitting mirror.  Now, I wonder how old the fingering weight yarn was?


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