Merry Christmas

we need a tripod!

Christmas Eve requires that the family pose in front of the fireplace after we’ve returned from services at church.  There were eight of us this year.  Dear husband is behind the camera!  In times past there have been friends present to capture the moment but not this night.

fireplace photo continued

On the subject of knitting, I am wearing my Selva skirt.  Designed with great care by Angela Hahn, this is one of my favorite pieces.  Thank you, Angela, for a skirt that really looks good and wears so easily.  It was worth every minute of knitting time!





“Never will I make little knitted creatures!”  Yes, I said that at least two years ago.  I’ve kept that resolution, firmly believing that I knit garments (note my nose in the air!).  But I hadn’t reckoned on Black Cloud’s adorable crocheted kitties!  Once I saw hers, I was smitten.  And, I’ve kept my resolution, actually.  These cuties are crocheted!

Christmas Stocking

The annual Grey Colt Christmas stocking raffle is going on right now at The Grey Colt.  Every year, the owner, Katie Coulton, chooses a local charity to receive the proceeds of the raffle.  This year, that charity is Junior Leadership Hudson.  The stockings end up in the possession of the winners of the drawings that take place around one week after the debut of the stockings in the Grey Colt’s window.

As per usual, I am wowed by the entrants’ creativity and workmanship.  I’ve purchased tickets and loaded them onto my favorite stockings in hopes of winning them in the raffle drawing.

My entry was begun as a fair isle sampler.  I was trying out motifs to use in a sweater, working in the round with about 80 stitches on size 3 needles, using Jamieson & Smith jumper-weight yarn from my stash.

This was definitely a learning experience.  I like the color gradation in the diamond motif much more than in the star/flower.  The abrupt change to the gray/green is too jarring.  I guess I prefer the gradual changes.  The anchor and starfish need something – more detail, less empty space between one anchor and the next.  It seemed such a waste not to use the swatch for something – why not the stocking contest?

Great idea.  The finished product is hanging in the window of the Grey Colt this week.

Note to self: Working on a stocking until the eleventh hour results in this kind of thinking:  “I could have done more.  I could have done something better.”  Does that happen to anyone else out there?